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Alta Calidad

The pleasure of variety on your plate.
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Tacos, vegetables, and family-style plates.

Popular Price
$ 65
Price Range
$ 45
~ 85

17:00 - 23:30
17:00 - 23:30
17:00 - 23:30
17:00 - 23:30
17:00 - 23:30
17:00 - 23:30

  • NYC
  • Posted 5 years ago

Brooklyn is home to oodles of fine dining experiences, from big names like Alinea to newcomers Smyth and Elske. But no foodie’s checklist is complete without Alta Calidad. It is located in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn where Chef Akhtar Nawab is cooking innovative Mexican cuisine. The Spanish translation of “Alta Calidad” means “high quality” and it’s our goal to provide that with every dish that we serve. Our goal is to cook with pride and integrity and have a lot of fun doing it!! We’re thrilled to be part of this amazing Brooklyn community and we want each of you to join us and participate in this exciting adventure!

Akhtar Nawab (Choza Taqueria, Indie Fresh), is behind Alta Calidad, a newly opened Latin-inspired restaurant, and Nawab’s first full-service, sit-down restaurant in almost a decade. Out of the 40-seat space, the team is serving dishes like queso fundido with chorizo; octopus and pork belly with avocado aioli; and a selection of tacos, vegetables, and family-style dinner plates. The bright, all-white space is taking over what was previously Chuko Ramen.

  • Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal
    $ 32
    Famous Bob's Red Mill. The best. With bananas or dried fruit. Add yogurt or mixed berry compote.
  • New
    Challa French Toast
    $ 25
    Four pieces of challa bread served with a mixed berry compote & real maple syrup.
  • Huevos Rancho Kopi
    $ 19
    Classic with steamed eggs, black bean and corn salad, salsa, cheese on corn tortillas. It's got some heat.
  • Salmon Davis Jr.
    $ 29
    Fortified twist of the classic Reuben sandwich, with pastrami, flavored smoked salmon, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and chipotle aioli. Served with boiled potatoes.
  • Tuna Pesto Melt
    $ 32
    Tuna on toasted black bread with pesto, Swiss cheese, tomato and lettuce. Chips and a pickle spear.
  • SW. Roasted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Focaccia
    With basil pesto and organic field greens.
  • Hot
    Falafel Plate a la Rue des Rosiers
    $ 18
    Falafel with roasted eggplant and red pepper, hummus, tahini, pita and hot sauce. Served with Israeli salad.
  • Feta Mediterranean
    $ 16
    Feta cheese drizzled with olive oil surrounded by house made sun dried tomato pesto, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, and pita.
  • Quesadilla
    $ 22
    Tomatoes, jalepenos, and cheddar cheese, baked in a tortilla. Try adding some beans.
    $ 15
    Green Chartreuse, Plymouth gin, raspberry, chamomile.
    $ 19
    Oola, Foro Amaro, Aperol, lemon.
  • Featured
    $ 21
    Wansas Reposado, Creme de Cassis, serrano bitters, ginger beer.
    $ 27
    Grey Goose La Poire, St. Germain, white grape.

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552 Vanderbilt Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238

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